3-year extended warranty from 8Wired for TME and Papago products

Extended warranty for Papouch TME and PAPAGO (3 ADDITIONAL YEARS)


Available units: 492

Extended warranty for Papouch TME and PAPAGO ETH units. Additional 3 years back-to-base warranty on top of standard warranty.

Our warranties are a jargon-free zone. Have a problem with your TME or Papago device? We'll help you trouble-shoot your product, but if we can't help you fix it, and you're within your warranty period, let us know, and send the unit back to us. We'll quickly diagnose it in our workshop, and if we can't fix it, we'll send you out a COMPLETELY NEW unit. Even if it's several years old!

Please note that the device needs to have been kept out of liquids, and needs to have not have been abused. Normal everyday use is fine, but driven over by a truck, or crushed by falling objects, would be classed as outside of warranty.

Our extended warranty gives you peace of mind for many years to come, and is hassle-free.

Bundle your extended warranty with your TME or Papago purchase to save extra $$$.