GNOME485 Ethernet to RS 485 Converter



Available units: 9

Ethernet based (IP based) RS 485 converter. Enables a device with an RS485 interface to connect to Ethernet, or to extend the RS485 line via Ethernet. Runs on 5v to 30v DC.

Use 2x GNOME485 if you want to extend an RS485 signal over Ethernet (to use as an RS485 signal extender over Ethernet).

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The device is supplied including a “virtual serial port”, i.e. software which creates a new serial port in the Windows operating system directed to the GNOME485 module via the Ethernet interface.

Want more information about how this RS485 temperature / humidity measuring device works? The GNOME485 instruction sheet / manual PDF is available to download here.

Other downloads:

  • Lantronix Redirector files (zip) for GNOME

 The GNOME485 comes complete with a 240v power supply, ready to use.