Additional 3m 3 meter combined HUMIDITY/ TEMPERATURE Sensor for PAPAGO series, -40C to +123.8C SNS_THE_3m


Available units: 11

HUMIDITY and TEMPERATURE Sensor to suit the new PAPAGO series. Temperatures from -40C to +123.8C.

** STANDARD 3 METER (3m) model -- TH3 model sensor will be supplied **

This sensor is also known as: SNS_THE_3m

Add this sensor to a Papago unit, to give you instant Temperature / Humidity sensing and alerts. PLEASE NOTE: not compatible with the TH2E series sensing units.

(Also available separately as a temperature-only sensor for the Papago series).

Want more information about how the Ethernet sensor devices works?

The PAPAGO Thermometer and Hygrometer (humidity) sensor system instruction manual PDF is available to download here.