Papago 2TH-WIFI 2-Channel environmental monitoring solution, with humidity and temperature sensor options, over Wi-Fi



Available units: 5

3-year back-to-base warranty on this product. Extendable to 6 years!


  • Wi-Fi network based unit
  • Graphing capability using free WIX graphing software. Wix is available for FREE download from our downloads section
  • FREE Express Shipping for all orders in Australia over $250
  • Memory functionality (in case of temporary network loss)
  • Runs from supplied power supply unit.
  • Connects up to TWO combined sensors (temperature only, or temperature, humidity and dew point).
  • Temperature measured in the range -55 to +125ºC.
  • Our latest Wi-Fi network based temperature / humidity capable model, now with DUAL sensor ports.
  • Power: 11v-58v DC. Supplied with a 15v DC Australian 240v power supply.
  • CE Certified
  • Setup of WiFi connection needs to be done via Windows (takes about 5 minutes). Administration of device after that can be done from any computer platform (e.g. Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android) via Web browser.
** Choose number of TEMPERATURE or HUMIDITY SENSORS above **


The Papago models are 8Wired's top-of-the-line temperature / humidity capable units and is the new replacement for the TH2E (and TME) series of products..

Also includes SNMP, HTTPGet, XML, HTTP, Email alerts. Send SMS alerts using an email-to-SMS alert provider such as

Great device for monitoring the environmental values in server rooms, communication cupboards, laboratories, or many other applications.

Runs on DC power using the included 240v Australia power supply (supplied by default). Also available with a USA 110v power supply, UK 230v power supply, and EU 220v power supply.

No subscription fees to use the device, ever.

No active internet connection required to use this device!

Want more information about how this temperature & humidity alerting device works? The PAPAGO Thermometer and Hygrometer (humidity) sensor system instruction manual PDF is available to download here.