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'TH2E' SNMP + DATA LOGGING - ETHERNET Temperature Thermometer + Humidity sensor, with Email alerts.   Network Temperature And Humidity Sensor With Monitoring Alerts And Web Interface.

This is the top-of-the-range DATA LOGGING model.

Ethernet based (IP based) Temperature Thermometer, HUMIDITY hygrometer + SNMP/MODBUS + DATA LOGGING. Complete with Ethernet lead, power supply, CD, setup guide, and temperature probe on 3 meter lead. Temps from -40C to +123.8C. SNMP, HTTPGet XML, HTTP, Email alerts. Send SMS alerts using an email-to-SMS alert provider such as utbox.net

(This model DOES have the HTTP GET model, that the earlier TH2E model does not have)

Our most affordable unit for monitoring and reporting on temperatures AND humidity in server rooms, communication cupboards, laboratories, or many other applications.

Send emails to get email alerts (note: this model is restricted to sending on port 25).

Standard power supply is Australian 240v. Also available with a USA 110v power supply, UK 230v power supply, and EU 220v power supply.

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Want more information about how this temperature & humidity alerting device works? The TH2E Ethernet Thermometer and Hygrometer (humidity) instruction manual PDF is available to download here.