Weatherproof EV Cutomisable MP3 Noise Emitter Sound Generator W-PAWS PAWS Pedestrian Alert Warning System for EVs Customised sound recording alerts



Available units: 5

** NEW industrial-style WEATHERPROOF IP68 version, 12v-24v **

Play our most popular PAWS audio file here.

** IN STOCK, READY FOR DESPATCH within 1 business day **

NEW & improved industrial version, of our popular PAWS Pedestrian Alert Warning System that sold out previously. Mount this new version externally (e.g. under your bumper). Also known as an Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS).

The Weatherproof Pedestrian Alert Warning System (W-PAWS), is designed to be triggered either by reverse gear selection, or by a manual +ve trigger.

--- Looking for the multi-tone version of PAWS? Visit the original PAWS product page ---

Once triggered, W-PAWS will play (and loop playing) your uploaded MP3 audio track, to warn pedestrians, cyclists, or other vehicles, that you are near.

When you first set up the W-PAWS, you connect it to your Mac or PC, and upload your own sound file via USB.

Better than white-noise, the W-PAWS units can be customised to any tone or sound you like. Even to play a music track! And if you have multiple EVs that need W-PAWS, you can put a unique sound on each vehicle, to help pedestrians distinguish the different vehicles approaching. 

If beeping your car horn would be inappropriate or potentially dangerous, use W-PAWS instead!

You could use it to trigger a gentle and pedestrian friendly alert tones (such as a simple bike bell sound, to a futurist electric space-ship type tone), to warn the unsuspecting person of your presence. 

Make your Tesla, Leaf, or other EV, sound like a V8, a spaceship, or anything in between.

Not sure what sound to use on your EV or specific application? That's OK -- try out the W-PAWS most popular audio file. OR if you want something unique or custom for your situation, please contact us and let us know what you're seeking.

The W-PAWS units can be installed on EVs, fork-lifts, pallet loaders, or other industrial vehicles that need to be able to alert others, to your presence.

Hook-up is easy. Plug the unit into 12-24v DC using the supplied built-in cable, and add whatever type of trigger button you like, to suit your vehicle.


  • Working voltage: 12-40V DC, 0.5A
  • Power lead: ~30cm
  • All in one weatherproof design with built-in speaker. 
  • IP Rating: IP68
  • Construction: ABS
  • Audio formats: MP3 & WAV
  • Memory: 4MB
  • Dimensions: ~105mm x 75mm x 40mm


  • Red - Positive power (12v / 24v DC)
  • Black - Ground / Chassis
  • Green - Sound Trigger (+)
  • Grey - Mute wire (connect to + source, such as headlights, to mute)
For simplicity, it is recommended to connect your W-PAWS unit up before installation, for testing, and to upload your sound file of choice, before mounting on your vehicle.

Also available to purchase: 240v AC / 12v DC power supply (for testing before installation)

Supplied with:

  • W-PAWS all-in-one alert speaker unit it's self.
  • 2 meter USB A cable, to connect W-PAWS to your PC, to upload a replacement audio track.
  • Quick-start instruction guide.

Recommended power sources:

  • 12v - 24v DC power source on vehicle.
  • Auxiliary socket / cigarette lighter plug (not included) OR
  • "Add-a-Circuit" fuse-tap power source (available from auto-supply shops and electronics stores)

Please note:

  1. Mounting screws and hook-up wire are not included.
  2. W-PAWS is weatherproof. However, please mount away from any heat-sources and continuous flows of water, to prolong the unit's life.
  3. When mounting your W-PAWS unit, please check behind your desired mounting location, to ensure the location is safe to drill into.
  4. Please use your W-PAWS unit responsibly (within local road / transport regulations in Australia) -- W-PAWS units are only designed to gently alert pedestrians to your presence, and shouldn't be used for any other purpose or contrary to local laws.
  5. Should your W-PAWS unit audio output not be clear, please try using a different 12-24v battery or power source, and test using our most popular PAWS audio file here.

We recommend using your W-PAWS noise emitter on your EV in Australia in situations where pedestrians or cyclists are unlikely to otherwise hear your electric vehicle.