'WieETH' - Wiegand to Ethernet Bi-directional converter WieETH


Available units: 3

Wiegand is a standard protocol used by readers of contactless cards. WieETH allows for (1) conversion of Wiegand to Ethernet and (2) transmit Wiegand to a remote location over the Ethernet. WieETH can work with Wiegand protocols of any type with a length of 1 to 64 bits.

Examples of use:

  • Contactless readers
  • Electronic access systems
  • Security systems
  • Legacy access systems updates

Operation --

Converting Wiegand to Ethernet: The converter sends card numbers of from a reader using Spinel protocol. Data is sent through an established TCP connection to a controlling system. (Based on the configuration DIP switches it can also read the card number as a raw data in ASCII.) The controlling system reads the last card number using Spinel instructions.

Converting Ethernet to Wiegand: Any packet can be generated to the Wiegand interface using a Spinel instruction.

Transferring Wiegand over Ethernet: Two WieETH converters connected to Ethernet can work in a pair sending a Wiegand packet over the Ethernet as if there was a regular Wegand connection. First WieETH that reads cards is set to Wiegand – Ethernet mode (TCP client mode) and the second converter to Ethernet -
Wiegand mode (TCP server mode).

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Want more information about how this converter device works? The WieETH  instruction manual PDF is available to download here.