Papouch-Wix Graphing Measuring Software (full version)

Papouch-Wix Graphing Measuring Software (full version)


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Download the FREE version of the Papouch-Wix software here.

Universal software for the majority of our standard devices. It enables central monitoring and storing of data from our Papouch thermometers, hygrometers, A/D converters, I/O modules etc. It is also able to communicate using the MODBUS protocol.

Not to be confused with the web-site tool of a similar name, the Papouch-Wix software is able to measure and control a wide range of Papouch devices – thermometers, hygrometers, anemometers, inputs and outputs of I/O Quido modules or general devices using the MODBUS RTU protocol. Depending on the measured variable and its current value, the software is able to carry out various subsequent actions – to notify the user by displaying a warning message, to switch an output in a different I/O Quido module, to send an email or an SMS directly to a mobile phone. A new feature is that the software is also able to display values from Wix on a different PC using an internal webserver.

Papouch Wix is able to communicate with various devices via RS232, RS485, USB as well as the Ethernet (Internet).

License code information will be generated after your purchase, and emailed to the address supplied at the time of ordering.