EV Noise Emitter Sound Gen Bundle PAWS Pedestrian Alert Warning System Noise Generation for EVs 15w EXTERNAL SPEAKER version



Available units: 4

NEW model with EXTERNAL horn-speaker included - code: PAWS-EX


The best of both worlds -- comes complete with WEATHER PROOF HORN SPEAKER, plus the customisable multi-sound playing internal amplfier part.

Operates in the same manner as the previous PAWS units, but with the convenience of a external horn speaker to locate wherever you need to in your vehicle's exterior.



Alert pedestrians to the presence of your EV, with ours PAWS Pedestrian Alert Warning System. The perfect buddy for your electric vehicle! Also known as an Acoustic Vehicle Alerting System (AVAS). 

PAWS in an all-in-one unit that packs-a-punch and allows you to play one of 7 user selected / user programmable MP3 audio tracks, to warn pedestrians or cyclists that you are near. You can even emit a truck reversing tone for when you're reversing!

Play our most popular PAWS audio file here.

If beeping your car horn would be inappropriate or potentially dangerous, use PAWS instead! Trigger one of the gentle and pedestrian friendly alert tones (such as a simple bike bell sound, to a futurist electric car moving tone), to warn the unsuspecting person of your presence. 

Check out the video of the PAWS unit going through the 7 pre-installed sounds.

And if you don't like our 7 pre-installed selection of PAWS alert tones, simply replace our tones with your own, using the supplied USB cable! That's right, just "mount" the PAWS system like a USB thumb drive, on your PC or Mac to replace the MP3 files with your own audio tracks. You can even make your Telsa or Leaf sound like a V8 engine if you like!

Not sure what sound to use? That's OK -- try out the PAWS unit with the pre-loaded sounds, and if you can't find one to your liking, let us know, and we'll help you find one that does suit your vehicle / lifestyle / sound you're after!

Plave the 'brains' of the unit inside the cabin, and place the horn speaker externally.

To trigger a sound, simply send a negative pulse to one of the 7 numbered inputs, and that sound will fire.

Adjustable volume knob means that you can quieten down the PAWS' 50watt peak output, to a quieter level to suit your needs, depending how loud the PAWS unit is in your EV. You can even use one of the PAWS triggers to make a 'reversing' tone if you like.

The PAWS units can be installed on fork-lifts, pallet loaders, or other industrial vehicles that need to be able to alert others, to your presence.

Hook-up is easy. Plug the unit into 12-40v DC. Add whatever type of trigger button you like, to suit your vehicle.


  • Working voltage: 12-40V DC, 1A
  • Terminal block connections
  • USB Micro port connection for uploading files (BYO cable)
  • Volume dial knob, to set volume to your liking
  • Powerful 50 watt (peak) built-in speaker output (with user adjustable volume, in case you need to dial it down a little).
  • 15watt horn speaker, for exterior mounting. Black in colour.
  • Audio formats: MP3 & WAV
  • PAWS "brains" with built-in speaker unit size: ~120mm x 120 x 36mm - black aluminum case
  • Supported bit-rates: 32, 64, 128, 256 and 320kbps (MP3) -- 128kbps recommended for best use of available flash memory.
  • Supported bit-rates: 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.05, 24, 32, 44.1 and 48khz (WAV)
  • Recording frequency: 44.1khz recommended (22.05khz not recommended). If you have 22.05khz audio files, it is recommended to convert to 44.1khz
  • Memory capacity onboard PAWS: 8mb
  • 7-triggerable audio files (named 001.mp3 through to 007.mp3)

Capable of driving up to TWO horn speakers (speaker 1, speaker 2). Supplied with 1 horn speaker by default.

Supplied with:

  • The PAWS unit "brain" it's self.
  • 15w horn speaker (externally mountable), in black.
  • Full instructions

Recommended power source:

  • Auxiliary socket / cigarette lighter plug (not included) OR
  • "Add-a-Circuit" fuse-tap power source (available from auto-supply shops and electronics stores)

Please note:

  1. Mounting screws and hook-up wire are not included.
  2. PAWS is not IP rated / not waterproof, but the exterior speaker is suitable for exterior mounting. Please place the PAWS unit inside your frunk or cabin.
  3. When mounting your PAWS speaker, please check behind your desired mounting location, to ensure the location is safe to drill into.
  4. Please use your PAWS unit responsibly (within local road / transport regulations in Australia) -- PAWS units are only designed to gently alert pedestrians to your presence, and shouldn't be used for any other purpose.

We recommend using your PAWS noise emitter on your EV in Australia in situations where pedestrians or cyclists are unlikely to otherwise hear your electric vehicle.

Please keep the volume of your PAWS unit down to a suitable level, so as to not damage your external horn speaker, and so as not to scare pedestrians. Thank you =>