How to add a custom sound to your EV, scooter, buggy or other vehicle


EVs are super-quiet. And that is one of many draw-cards. But the downside of electric vehicles, whether it be a passenger, recreational, industrial or mobility vehicle, is that in many situations you need pedestrians to be able to hear your vehicle coming!

That's where our Pedestrian Alert Warning System (or PAWS) for short come in. Our PAWS devices allow you to add your own customer MP3 or WAV audio file, which when triggered alerts pedestrians to your vehicle's presence.

We also make custom audio files for our PAWS units. Check out our most popular PAWS audio file.

For fully waterproof situations and restricted space installations, we recommend the W-PAWS model.

For applications where you want a move powerful weatherproof audio output, we recommend the PAWS model with an external horn speaker.

And for applications where you'd like the choice of multiple audio files or triggers, our original all-in-one PAWS unit comes in.

Not sure what PAWS model suits your needs? Or need a custom pedestrian-alert audio file? Contact us to discuss your individual requirements.


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How to make your EV make noise, so that pedestrians can hear you

OK, so you've got an EV. It's silent, and awesome. Problem is: pedestrians, cyclists, kids and even animals can't hear you. Solution: Our PAWS Pedestrian Alert Warning System for EVs.

PAWS allows you to play a pre-recorded piece of audio from it's all-in-one casing, to warn pedestrians that you're approaching. You can trigger one of 7 replaceable MP3 or WAV files with your own audio.

Our idea is simple: put the PAWS unit somewhere water-tight, like in your EV's frunk, wire it to 12v power, and chose the tone(s) you want to play, and then simply trigger that tone.

We've included a futuristic 'EV' car sound, a bike bell, and even a V8 engine roar.

But if you don't like the tones we've pre-installed, you can mount the PAWS unit as a USB drive, and add your own sounds! (MP3 and WAV files welcome).

Check out the PAWS video to see the sounds we provide by default:

Want help with your PAWS units, or need more information? Let us know!

Ready to check-out the PAWS units? Visit the Pedestrian Alert Warning System product page.


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Get SMS alerts when your server or communication room gets too hot (or cold!)

Got that sinking-feeling when you ignored the urge to check your email? Did you miss a super-important message? In reflection perhaps if you had received a SMS or text message alert, telling you that your server was overheating, that might have saved the day?

Believe us when we say we've heard it all too often. And once upon a time, the same thing happened to us too.

But how do I find out if my server room is overheating when I'm not near my email?

There is an easy solution that can help turn your important email messages (such as temperature alerts from your server room or communications room, to say it's over heating), into a text / SMS message, delivered straight to your Australian mobile telephone.

I'm pretty sure you'd reactive quickly to a SMS saying that your server room had reached 55.3 degrees Celsius (and rising!). So here's what you need to do:

(Why set lower limits? Well sometimes air conditioners let out a blast of extra-cold air just before they fail... So you might get an early warning of an impending air-conditioner failure).

*: Setting the email address for alerts is really the crucial step. If you can use a mailing list on your mail server, that's even better. We suggest including all the people that need to get the email. But also, you can add an email-to-SMS service, like

So you can use the web interface of the Ethernet Thermometers we sell, to change the alert thresholds and email addresses. And you can also use the really handy web interface, to just check the current temperature... See example screen shot from a TME in use below:

All an email-to-SMS service does is receive a short email message, and turn it into an SMS sent to your mobile phone(s) of choice. You could use a mailing list to send one SMS to the IT-on-call person, and one SMS to building management. Or to the whole IT team. It's your choice.

So there really is no excuse to not getting notified if your equipment room is getting too hot (or cold). Get yourself a TME or other Ethernet thermometer today and start receiving email and SMS alerts.


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